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Jimi Cullen - Guerrilla Gigs Ep.6 - We Will Rise - Live From Government Buildings


Welcome to Guerrilla Gigs Episode 6. In this episode I traveled to Government Buildings in Dublin to protest against the long list of abuses and injustices that are being visited upon the Irish people through the inaction, corruption and greed of the unfit for purpose government.

Ireland, right now, is a country in crisis. We currently have in excess of 10,000 people homeless, with thousands more at risk of meeting the same fate at the hands of greedy landlords, banks and vulture funds.

We have over 700,000 people on hospital waiting lists, many of whom have been waiting long periods of time for urgent treatments and up and down the country we have people lying in hospital corridors on trolleys every single day.

We now live in a country were children and adults alike are denied access to adequate mental health services. We have a cervical check scandal that has already cost several women their lives and is still being completely mismanaged, causing huge risk to the lives of many others.

We are a tax haven for some of the worlds richest corporations and have gifted away billions in tax revenue and natural resources to multinationals, all at the expense of Irish citizens, who have and are still suffering greatly at the hands of inflicted austerity.

We pay millions annually to private companies like Turas Nua and Seetec to bully people into meaningless, short term job schemes and programs with the sole aim of keeping unemployment figures artificially down.

In 2018, we still deny seriously ill people access to an effective and often life changing medicine on the basis of outdated stigmas and despite the fact that it is made from a safe plant that has been cultivated and used medicinally for thousands of years.

And the sad reality is, all the things I have mentioned above are really just the tip of the iceberg, I could go on and on. We have corruption running through every vein of the system and in many cases those whose job it is to protect and serve us are the very ones who are causing the most damage to our society, the government, the judiciary, the Gardai, the mainstream media and TUSLA being perhaps among the most worrying, they are all corrupt to their very core.

Of course, our apathetic governments main goal, above all else, is to maintain the status quo and continue to protect the interests of the banks, the vulture funds, the ruling class and the other private business interests of the state and they are more than happy to inflict hardship after hardship on the people of Ireland in order to do so. They would much rather continue to give themselves pay rises and pledge billions annually to an EU army than to build houses, hospitals and safe schools for our children.

The entire system is skewed. It is deliberately designed to favor the few and leave the many to struggle and suffer. We need to tear it all down and start again. We need to take our country back.

This song is called We Will Rise?

Posted by Jimi Cullen on June 13, 2019 at 5:44 PM 48 Views

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