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Jimi Cullen - Guerrilla Gigs Ep.5 - The Magdalene Laundries - Live From The Papal Cross


Welcome to the fifth installment of Guerrilla Gigs. In this episode I travelled to The Papal Cross in Dublin's Phoenix Park to protest against the upcoming visit of Pope Francis to Ireland on the grounds that it is a horrible insult to all those who have been murdered, raped, abused and mistreated at the hands of the Catholic Church in this country over the last number of centuries, but in particular, those who are still fighting for justice and closure today.

The Catholic Church has overseen some of the worst horrors known to man, both here in Ireland and around the globe. From the Mother & Baby Homes and Magdalene Laundries to the Industrial Schools and Christian Brothers. From the rampant child sex abuse and human trafficking to all the subsequent denials and cover ups of everything mentioned above and lots more.

They hypocritically preach compassion and charity as millions of their followers die of hunger, disease and poverty, while they hoard enough riches to end all this suffering many times over. They falsely preach love and kindness while subjecting millions to horrific hardships. They have, without doubt, caused more death, pain and suffering around the world than all of the worst regimes and dictatorships in history, yet they are still welcome here in Ireland and elsewhere?

We should in no way be celebrating the head of this horrible, disgusting, corrupt organization. In fact, until the church bothers to acknowledge it's victims in a meaningful way, apologizes for it?s wrongs in a meaningful way, pays adequate compensation and allows proper investigations and burials to happen in places like Tuam and the many other unmarked mass grave sites dotted around the World, then quiet frankly they shouldn't even be allowed to exist, let alone be celebrated.

They should also have no part in the running of our state, be it our hospitals, our schools or any other groups or organizations. We need to stop forgetting and whitewashing the deeds carried out by this despicable organization. They have been and continue to be, one of the biggest cancers our country has ever known. We need to stand against them now for all those above-mentioned victims. It is they who we should be celebrating and honoring. They are the real heroes, not the holy father of hypocrisy.

This song is a reminder of just one of the countless horrors carried out by the church. It is a cover of a Christy Moore adaptation of a Joni Mitchell song. This song is called The Magdalene Laundries...

Posted by Jimi Cullen on June 13, 2019 at 5:40 PM 43 Views

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