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Jimi Cullen back catalogue free to download now

Posted by Jimi Cullen on January 14, 2014 at 2:10 PM

 Hey All,

2014 will see me marking 10 years since taking my first steps on the Irish music scene. A milestone that it didn’t look like I would make 2 years ago on account of hearing problems that nearly ended my career. This year will also see me launching my entire back catalogue online for download for the first time and I will be releasing my 3rd album in April. To celebrate all this, I have decided that until December 31st 2014 I am making all my back catalogue available for free to download. Well free in the monetary sense anyway.

What I means by this is that until 31st December instead of paying for my music with money I am asking that you pay it forward by helping me spread the word of my music. If you enjoy the albums and ep's don't keep them to yourself. Tell a friend, burn them a cd, tell them where to download it etc. That would mean a whole lot more to me than money ever could.

My biggest goal for the year is to get my music heard by as many people as possible and I can only achieve this with your help so get downloading and sharing.

So, to download any of my albums and ep's free for a limited time just visit the music page and follow the links. It's that simple


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